Canine Megaesophagus

 We are so glad you've found us!  You're probably worried, scared, and feeling slightly hopeless after your dog's diagnosis -- Don't Be Discouraged!  It CAN get better! is your one-stop destination for:

  • Information (We're all experienced with the condition, so we know how it works!)
  • Management Tips (Chairs, Food, Treats!)
  • Recommended Veterinarians (We know they're good because we use them!)
  • Awareness Events (Let's get ME off the "rare" list!)
  • Support (Who better than ME parents to laugh, and cry with you throughout your journey!?)  

Welcome to our family -- Welcome to our crazy ME world -- Let us help your dog live a long and healthy life with Megaesophagus  โ™ฅ

*DISCLAIMER* We are NOT veterinarians, and we are NOT speaking on behalf of any companies or others.  We ARE a community of pet parents with ME/MG dogs.  The information contained on this website is not meant to diagnose, treat, or take the place of advice from your vet.  Utilize this information at your own risk. - Thank you*


Megaesophagus is NOT a death sentence! 

There is a frustrating lack of information accessible to pet parents given the Megaesophagus diagnosis;  it often seems as if there's no hope.  Our group,  pet parents living with ME dogs (congenital, idiopathic, Myasthenia Gravis - young and old) and a family who have been inspired by an ME story, have decided that it's time to dispel the myth that ME is a death sentence.  


We've Come a Long Way, Baby!  (Before & After Pics!) 


MEatball!  MEatball Before and After



Foster!  Foster Dog Before and AfterFoster's After!




Shiloh!  Shiloh BeforeShiloh After!


Bully! Bully's weight gain


Reno! Reno before and after

Your dog CAN live a long and healthy life!

328 thoughts on “Canine Megaesophagus

    1. Hi Rob and Gina,
      Please check through the menu tab for great ideas and also FAQ. Feel free to join the facebook groups. You will find a wealth of knowledge and helpful ideas there. If you dog suddenly came down with MegaE be sure to have your vet check for an underlying disease. If one can be detected many times once that primary disease is treated the megaesophagus becomes easier to control and in some cases remits all together. Read the menu tab Why ME? Basically your dog should be fed in an upright position so that gravity can do the work the esophagus can no longer do. You will need to keep your pup upright for a period of time after eating, between 20-30 minutes. Some need more time, some less time. Feed small more frequent meals. Some dogs do best with a slurry, where you would blend the food in a blender to make a milkshake consistency. Others do better with small meatballs that you would drop into their mouth from an elevated position. Still other will do alright with just soaked kibble. It is all trial and error. Water sometimes can be an issue. Most ME dogs no longer can drink straight water from a bowl on the floor. There are many ways you can hydrate. Some dogs do okay with water while they are upright in their chair. Others, need the liquid thickened. There is a product called Thick-It that you can buy in your local drug store. Some do well with gelatin cubes or Knox Blocks- there are recipes in our recipe tab. You can also try ice cubes. I hope these suggestions help!

  1. We just got the diagnosis yesterday that our 9 month old American Lab might have ME. I am starting my research now and am so happy to find this sight. Stella’s never shown signs of weight loss or lethargy. She’s just thrown up multiple times a day a mucus-y substance with minor bits of food. It’s been a real treat on our freshly carpeted bedrooms. She’s a vigorous eater, so thinking of putting her in a Bailey Chair for 20-30 minutes seems like torture for a puppy. Will this really work? Will she get used to this new dining style?

    1. Hi!
      Most dogs learn to tolerate (sometimes LOVE) their chair once they associate food with the chair. It does take some dogs longer to accept the chair than others. Once they are in the chair and you are finished with your feeding, you can offer them some peanut butter in a Kong. If you freeze the kong with the peanut butter in it, it should last longer. There are more great ideas on our facebook pages. Please be sure to join! Upright Canine Brigade and Canine Megaesophagus Support Group! Best of luck!

  2. My 1.5 year old Westie has been lethargic and weak. He is regurgitating food occasionally but has more of just belching than anything. He is typically spunky and very active. We went back to the vet today because I just can see in his eyes that something is wrong. The vet did an X-ray and says he has a megaesophagus. We are waiting until bloodwork comes back next week to see if this is MG or hypothyroidism- caused. My vet wonโ€™t really give me much info until we know what we are dealing with. My heart is so anxious. We are feeding him upright and waiting. I just want to see my little happy guy back. Life with ME- will he always be like this? Or will he sometimes go back to the playful young dog heโ€™s always been? Iโ€™m so afraid… any words of wisdom or advice are greatly appreciated.

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