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Since its inception in October of 2012, our sole purpose for forming the UCB is to spread awareness of Canine Megaesophagus and the diseases that can cause it. We are accomplishing this through our SHARE program Support, HeadLines, Awareness, Research and Education.

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Here are some of our Headlines!


Big News!!!! MegaE Gremlin, Mom-Chrissy and Baileychairs4dogs Susan and Manuel appear on Good Day Sacramento! Along with MegaE Thor who needs a home!!! Great Job!

ICYMI-- Checkers has such a sweet heart and despite his unique health challenges, he seems to be happy no matter where he is or what he's doing. Please visit the National PetSmart Charities Adoption Event this weekend, there are 80 to 100 animals in OUR area that need loving homes! Meet Checkers:

Posted by Morgan Ashley on Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Checkers makes the local news and is a part of Petsmart's adoption program! Adorable pup who needs a home! 
"Flap Jack Charlie" Makes news in the Winston Times 
"The Dodo" wrote a wonderful story about "Chuck", the GSD that was rescued and is cared for by Laurie Zaleski that owns and operates "The Funny Farm". Read how Chuck lives a normal life with Megaesophagus. 

Purina Pro Club features "Magic", a great dane with meager beginnings, weighing only 14 lbs at 4 months and a determined Mom that helped her thrive. 

This young German Shepherd Dog, Marbeli, was featured in Hartlepool Mail, UK publication.

Read Purina Pro Club's article about "Piper", the dachshund that defeated the odds thanks to her dedicated Mom and support groups that helped her get through it all. Dr. Leigh Ann Clark research is also hightlighted in this article. 

Beautiful Angel is discovered by "Canine Distractions"

Bailey Chairs 4 Dogs article in Dogs Today Magazine

Bailey Chairs 4 Dogs featured in Daisy's Rescue Blog

Bailey Chairs 4 Dogs featured in Dog Treats and Jingle Toys

Sidney's Blog Spot

Kaiser's story featured on MSPCA- Angell website

Willie and Stetson featured in the Virginia-Maryland Dog Magazine

Gremlin makes headlines at Bark at the Bend Event

Starship made CNN News!

Charlie's Story in Penn Vet

Maggie, a merle mini Australian Shepard, makes the local paper and educates all on Megaesophagus! 

Maggie Makes Local Paper

Max and Kiba appear in Dogs Id's blog with their specialty name tags for MegaE! 

MegaE Prince appears in Tail-Wagger's blog. Educating the public on Megaesophagus!

Our one and only MegaE/MG Hanna shows up at World Dog Day in Hollywood and steals the show. Check it out on YouTube. Hanna upstages Real House Wife's Kyle Richards with her "Pink Tutu". And momma Fern got to tell all about Megaesophagus! 

Hanna with Kyle Richards

MegaE Comet makes his local paper for his successful Endoscopy Procedure! 

Gremlin and his mom Chrissy guest star on the radio show Vets to Go! Speaking about the life saving "Bailey Chair" and more!

MegaE Maxx made the Local Evening News! Maxx's mom pays it forward by helping other dog parents afford a life saving Bailey Chair. 

MegaE Gracie attends her home town St. Patrick's Day Parade and makes the Paper! MegaE dogs are everywhere!. The Times Herald Port Huron

MegaE Marbeli makes the Famous UK's Chat Magazine. Mom talks about MegaE and the UCB!


Juno is featured in The Honest Kitchen!



The One and Only Gremlin makes a splash Worldwide On TV broadcast, Unilad, the Dodo and more! 

Gremlin has to eat all his meals in a special high chair to keep him alive

Gremlin on Unilad with millions of views! 

Gremlin on the Dodo! 

Gremlin eats a steak dinner out at a restaurant with his family and fulfills one of his items off his #barketlist! TV news covers the event!


All ME dogs are special but this beautiful Golden Retriever, Lira, is extra special. She is a Turkish Rescue dog adopted by a special couple in Atlanta. CNN as more...

 Victorious over Myasthenia Gravis and in the show rink, Kingston gets a write up in his local paper!

Meet MegaE Chester. Chester recently was neutered at his vet. Read about the special precautions necessary for anesthesia during surgery for an ME dog. What a great vet!

Dog With ME Eats in Specially Designed Chair

Sheena suffers from Megaesophagus - but her specialty highchair helps her chow down!

Posted by storyful on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Here is Sheena! She is famous with over 200,000 views on Storyful! Sheena has megaesophagus caused by acquired myasthenia gravis. Her parents are making it their mission to spread awareness! Thank you!!!

The Amazing Truman's story was picked up by his local news station! Truman has myasthenia gravis and megaesophagus and was found on the streets very sick and couldn't more here!


All about Princey! Sniffandbarkens did a great video on Princey! Follow Princey on Instagram @all_about_princey