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Our ME family has found (and fallen in LOVE with) so many great items that help us to manage our pups, help us to celebrate them now, and to remember them forever.  

Please take some time to explore some of our favorite things! 


Canadians have their own Bailey Chair Connection!

Bailey Chairs 4 Dogs Canada


Captured Moments Artwork by Julee Willow

Frankie Tony and Fredo portrait thumb_4087731947  thumb_4087731957

We LOVE Julee Willow!  Julee, introduced to the ME family by one of our ME moms, paints (and draws) the most AMAZING and lifelike portraits of our pups.  Julee captures the soul of any animal she paints, giving her customers an unforgettable and forever way to keep our babies close.   She loves our pups as if they are her own, and paints them with such a sincerity that it will take your breath away.  Please support Julee and her amazing gift. thumb_4087731941   thumb_4087731951


Reesie LOVES his Bailey Chair!


ME Paracord

Paracord for Pets

Paracord for Pets owner, Kate, is mom to 2 ME dogs!  

Kate of Paracord for Pets

Kate creates bracelets, dog collars, dog leads,... if she can make it, you can get it!  Her products can be customized (colors, patterns, causes!) to suit your tastes!  

MegaE collar paracord for pets


UCB paracord bracelet

Profits from the sale of Paracord for Pets products are donated to to help get ME dogs into Bailey Chairs!  

Gremlin Paracord          Melissa and Frankie Paracord


 A great place to get deals for Dog Food and supplies!

Chewy will give the UCB $20 when first time customers buy from this special link!



Honest Kitchen

Tasty food that some of our ME family loves!

Diamondback Drugs

 Veterinarian Compound Pharmacy

Harness Lead

Designed to alleviate pressure on your dog's trachea. 


A natural way to protect against fleas and ticks 


Pet Insurance

Sarah Reed will give 20% of sales to the UCB when you mention we sent you!

Check out her beautiful collars and leashes here...




A great place to get great buys for your dogs needs.

Please use our smile link when you order from Amazon.

Amazon will give the UCB .5% of total qualifying sales!




A fun new low calorie soft treat that ME dogs love!


Printing Center USA supplies us with our amazing calendars each year! Please take a moment to visit their website for all your printing needs. Great quality and service at affordable prices!


Shop DogIDs. High Quality Custom Dog Tags and Collars!

The Wally Broom! Great for cleaning up regurge! 

Amazon Smile

16 thoughts on “SHOP for Stuff we LOVE!

  1. Been dealing with regurgitation for 5 years with our GSD. Never could get answers until she nearly died from AP having her teeth cleaned. After a lot of research on our part (not the vet) we are certain she has ME. We elevate her food, puree her kibble, sit her up and burp her after each meal and of course the fantastic neck hug. She is practically symptom free as long as we keep up the regiment. Such a shame her and us had to struggle for years. This website is loaded with advice. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I’m sorry to hear how long it took! ME is quite common with GSDs. Our support groups are loaded with them. You have done such a great job researching the disease and getting the help she needs. Thank you for the kind compliment on the website. Hope to talk to you on Facebook! Best of luck!

  2. Hi everyone,
    My name is Ruth and I have a Newfoundland called Nellie.
    She is 12y old and a Rescue , Her life has not been the best ,she has been passed around with many homes, can’t think why ,She such a sweetheart.
    When I got her she had just turned 11y old , she was taken to the vet for the once over, cysts, tumors , and weighed only 37 kg. for a Newf not good, but with the right care, I got her weight up to 57 kg,drained the cysts, and even the tumors seemed to go down.
    One happy old girl, then she started being sick and not keeping her food down,off to the vet, with x ray, and ultra sound was told she had megaesophagus. so was told to put her down,she is such a lovely girl I thought maybe something can be down, so with the help of my son we now have raised food station, and I made her collar which seem’s to help. she won’t sit in the chair and gets really upset when we try with her like it is hurting her so, does anyone else have any ideas what I can do,even what the best food is for her , she has lost weight and bringing her food up all the time, I cut all her food into little bits and also hand feed her to slow her down, I am at a loss of what else I can do,so if anyone can help me I would be so grateful , I just won’t her to have some happyness in her last days . we go to the beach twice a week as Nellie loves water like all Newf’s Oh we live in New Zealand. Kind Regards Ruth

    1. Hi Ruth from New Zealand!
      Thank you for caring for Nellie! That is a ripe old age for a Newf! Many larger breeds do not do well in a bailey chair. You can try alternative methods like sitting her backwards on the couch with paws up the back. Some do paws up on the counter. Many good ideas on our facebook pages. Please feel free to join. You might try meatballs instead of a slurry and keep her elevated after eating for 15-20 minutes. Best of luck with your Nellie!

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