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The Upright Canine Brigade is a group of pet parents who attend events to spread awareness about Canine Megaesophagus and Myasthenia Gravis.  We want the world to know that ME is NOT a death sentence, and your dog CAN be happy!

All you have to do is get a little creative!

Anyone can be a member!  We've got photos, brochures, information, T-Shirts (for you AND your dog, too!), videos,and TONS of ENTHUSIASM and PASSION for raising awareness!  

Join us!  Be part of the Brigade! 

The UCB will be at this year's ACVIM Forum in Denver.

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Visit us at table #9. Come meet Annie and see a live feeding demonstration! June 9 & 10 in the Exhibit Hall!

Read about Annie here



The UCB Creators of the #Barketlist

Barketlist flyer


UCB at the 2015 ACVIM Forum!  

June is Megaesophagus Awareness Month, so we went to Indy to spread awareness!

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Visit the ACVIM website!

The UCB Represents at the ACVIM Forum 2015!
The UCB Represents at the ACVIM Forum 2015!


Keep talking, Donna!



Donna spreading the word

Donna feeding Jellybean                          JB shows them how upright eating is done!!

Upright Eating with JellyBean!


JellyBean showing off his neck hugJellyBean at ACVIM





JellyBean is our Mascot!



Until Next Year, 


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28 thoughts on “Upright Canine Brigade

  1. Thanks, again, for all the help and guidance. Our situation has changed in that we now have 2 miniature schnauzer puppies rather than one. Greta joined our family this week. As for the Bailey chairs a friend of our is a master carver and he is making a pair of chairs for the girls. Actually he’s referring to them as thrones so it will be very interesting to see the final product. We’ll be sure to post some pictures of them. Another friend is setting up a blog so that our friends can be kept up-to-date on Ruby and Greta’s progress.

    Another thing we are not sure of. We’ve been using the mashed-up kibble with beef broth and gelatin and they both love it. We also made the frozen treat using pedialite and gelatin. Now my question — if we give them one of the frozen treats outside of their regular feeding do we still need to keep them upright for 15 minutes. I’m thinking that we do but I just wanted to make sure.

    Thank you all again for your help.


    1. Hi Glen,
      Wow can’t wait to see those Thrones!!! Lucky pups to have friends like that and parents like you! Yes anything given orally should be given upright and you should keep them sitting until it reaches the tummy. You are doing an awesome job! Thanks for checking in!

  2. We have a 10 week old miniature schnauzer who has ME. Thanks to everyone for all the information that has been shared.

    Perhaps someone can help on another issue. We’re trying to find a Bailey Chair for our little girl. The companies listed on here don’t ship to Canada. I’m hoping that someone out there knows of a Canadian distributor.


    1. Hi Glen,
      To my knowledge there is only one company that makes Bailey Chairs and that is baileychairs4dogs.com. They are not hard to build if you are handy. Basically they are a 3 sided box with a door and tray or a paw bar. Since you have a puppy who is still growing you may want to look into alternative ways to keeping her upright. People have used laundry baskets, waste paper baskets, baby hi chairs, baby swings, strollers, walkers, bouncy seats, baby bjorn carriers, doll strollers well.. you get the idea. When you are ready to purchase, check the facebook pages for someone who may be donating a chair. There is a facebook page called Megaesophagus-Pawing It Forward that may have a chair available in your area. If you are up to the challenge of making your own, check out baileychairs4dogs.com. They have a video on how to measure your dog. Here is a article that explains how to make one. https://issuu.com/editorgrn/docs/bailey_s_chair_instructions. Best of luck with your little one!

  3. I have a 5 most old great Dane pup, I feed her puried kibble, after I feed her she acts like she is starving, she jumps on the counters, she tries to dig in the trash, ear the adult danes food, cat food, anything she can get to. Is this normal for an me dog? I feel like I am not feeding her enough.

  4. How do we join? Our 14 month old Standard Schnauzer, Cap’n Butler, was diagnosed with MG and ME. He got pneumonia and almost died. Would like to join and share
    stories and most of all learn from others.

    Dan & Fay George
    Sallisaw, Okla.

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